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Travel ArmadilloHere at Travel Armadillo, we aim to supply as much information and helpful advice that we can on travelling the world. We also supply posts that are written from true experiences by people on a vacation. Everyone loves to go on a holiday, and whether that is in the country which we reside in, or one abroad, it always makes it a more enjoyable experience if we understand more about the place that we are visiting.

For instance, I love going to places such as Las Vegas, but not just for the casino’s and hotels. I always hire a car, and this gives me the means to see more of the area than what the majority of tourists get to see. Only a thirty minute drive away is Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. An hour drive away is the nuclear test site and the Valley of Fire. A couple of hours will get you to the amazing Death Valley, and for those who do not mind a four hour drive to a location, Los Angeles and the Sierra Mountain range are within reach.

So, by reading up on a destination, and putting a few plans in order, then the whole area can open up, and that means getting pictures that most folk will never get, and this gives a means to impress family and friends. Something that most of us really enjoy doing. In fact, as most smartphones now have decent cameras on them, we can take a picture and have it published on social media within seconds.

Not everyone likes to go away and spend hours travelling around, so if you are staying in a single location, then making a list of things to do prior to leaving is a great idea. By making use of a site like this, and other places on the internet, it is possible to build up a list that will keep you busy during the whole stay. It also means that you can find such things as restaurants that most tourists would miss. Going back to the Las Vegas example, I often use restaurants off the Strip, ones which many of the locals use, and this allows me to taste the traditional food, rather than what is fed to the tourists.

We all like to save a money when we can, and so we offer advice on how to save money on flights and hotels. Even saving just a few dollars here and there can add up to a decent amount forpeoplee who have a family. Most people tend to head straight for comparison sites these days, but they are not always the best place to go to get a decent deal. There are some tips and tricks mentioned in this site than can help beat the comparison sites.

By planning a few things in advance, it takes the stress out of the holiday itself, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.


A Few Flying Tips For An Enjoyable Trip

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Mental and Physical Comfort – Flying Tips

The most important airplane comfort tip that will make you feel very comfortable while flying is if you know that you have struck the best deal and managed to save a lot of money. Whether you are flying on a business trip or a pleasure trip, you can make it less expensive with little extra effort.

Here are some airplane travel tips that will make your journey comfortable through some lesser-known methods of using air transport. Interestingly, the famous airfare price wars and also the travel companies aren’t at the top of the list of the very best aircraft comfort suggestions.

When exactly should you Contact Airlines?

The very first idea suggests that you might get air seat tickets for less money should you contact the airlines right after Twelve midnight and prior to 1: 00 A. M. This is actually the ideal time simply because computer systems are refreshed during this period. On the other hand, you could make inquiries at other close by airports. To your big surprise, the difference in fare at the two air terminals could be several hundred dollars. You may also reduce your cost should you book your plane ticket well in advance. However, booking at the eleventh hour could also provide you with a little extra advantage.

How you can Counter Aircraft Dryness

Because you happen to be emotionally comfy, since you feel that you have accomplished your very best to pay the lowest price for your airline ticket, here are some other airplane comfort tips to keep you physically comfortable while flying:

1 .You should take very light meals and get a good night’s sleep before you start traveling.

2 .To counter the dryness caused by the atmosphere in the cabin, it will be better if you avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcohol. However, consume as much water and fresh fruit juices as you can. If you wear contact lenses, remove them if it is possible. Use moisturizer for the exposed skin and lip balm for the dry lips. If you have a history of any kind of respiratory disease, it is advisable to consult your doctor before flying in the airplane.

Do Not Sit Idle for a Long Time

My next airplane tip is that you should not remain sitting idle for the whole duration of the flight. It may result in obstructions in blood flow leading to muscle cramping, fatigue and most severe of all, Deep Vein Thrombosis. When you get an opportunity, consider moving in the aisle. If you find it hard, attempt to stretch out your arms, feet, neck and legs.

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What Are The Best Philippine Islands

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The Philippines consists of 7, 107 different Islands scattered throughout the country, and each one of them is just as amazing as the rest! See which of these beautiful Philippine Islands appeal most to you. Here are the top 5 best Philippine Islands.

El Nido, Palawan

The Island has been dubbed by CNN as the Philippines’ best destination for beaches and islands for vacationists and tourists. Since the Island is not highly urbanized, it is obvious that most of the islands’ natural ecosystem is still intact and unharmed. Palawan Island has several white sandy beaches. Towering cliffs and blue lagoons can also be found. One of Palawan’s renowned beaches is Bacuit Bay. If you’re into diving, then this is the right place for you. The Bay is abundant in marine life, namely; dugong (sea cows), manta rays, turtles, and white sharks. The location is said to have over thirty scuba diving locations with Six to thirty meters in depth.

Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte

Situated in the northeastern portion of Mindanao, Siargao Island is recognized as the surf capital in the Philippines. Surfing contests are usually organised two times per year in Buddha’s Surf resort. If you happen to be the kind of visitor who desires tranquility, Siargao Island has its own remote beaches between surf island and the town. Such beaches are Daku, Guyam, and Naked Islands. There you will find many streaks of white sands which extend as much as several kilometers, hermit crabs, and the wonderful local people residing there. These beach locations are unblemished by the masses, so savor its peace and quiet while you still can. The island also has a natural cave reserve, the Sohoton Cave.

Boracay Island

We’ve all heard about this island. This is where most of the tourists go to. The island is always packed with locals and tourists, especially during the night, where nightlife and hard drinks are served. The island is located in Aklan Province, Visayas. One of the highlights in Boracay is Ariel’s Point. It has five levels of cliff diving sites, turquoise waters, mangrove forests, and volcanic rock formations. If you are an adventure-seeking person, then come to Ariel’s point and take a big leap off a 13 – meter cliff! If you’re too scared though, you can always go for other activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and indulge your appetite from the resort’s dinner buffet.

Coron Island

Also located in Palawan, Coron Island is surrounded by large granite rock formations. The island is known for the several wrecked ships found there since World War II, which are a good spot for snorkeling. There is also an islet which consists of just rock formations. The Kayangan Lake, located within, has long been called as the most clean lake within Asia.

Sabtang Island

IsIs situated southwest of Batan Island inside the northern portion of Luzon. The island is really a ideal place for mother nature enthusiasts as it is unblemished by the public. It offers numerous white sand beach locations and mountains ideal for walking.

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Discover Where Is The Grand Canyon Located?

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where is the Grand Canyon locatedEach and every year, tens of thousands of men and women head to a feat of mother nature, the Grand Canyon, which is found in the northwestern part of Arizona, United States. Nobody can help but marvel when they look upon the cut in the earth a mile deep, 18 miles wide, and roughly 277 miles long. In case you are intending to visit this very popular area in the United States, here are some things you really need to think about before beginning your adventure. 1 . For those who have lots of time to research and sort out your trip to the Grand Canyon, fantastic! If not, you might want to look for a local travel agent, to be sure you are learning about all the fun and interesting things to do on your holiday. 2 . Exactly how are you travelling there? Some people choose to have a road trip to the Grand Canyon and discover other areas during the trip. Prior to deciding to try to go this course, you really should take a handful of factors into account such as the current condition of your car, and the cost of fuel. 3. Ensure you possess the clothing you should have along with you. Quite a few people pack the incorrect clothing for a holiday. Bear in mind where you are heading and think about clothing that should be best for climbing, in addition to something in the event that it rains. Furthermore take into account the temperature range will decline significantly at nighttime in this region, which suggests you should really pack something to help keep warm. 4. Together with clothing there are many other items you must make sure to pack when heading out on this type of experience. In case you are going trekking ensure that you have things such as water bottles, a compass, map, plus some supplies incase you happen to get lost. Remember first aid items and sunscreen to prevent getting a sunburn. Don’t forget to pack any of the toiletries you will use in your own home. This includes toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary supplies, as well as other things you may use with your daily shower. 5. In the event the children are going along with you, it is very important check ahead with the resort or hotel you are going to stay at to see if there are options of things for the young children to do, or babysitting services when they get exhausted and the adults would still love to go out. 6. Many individuals take their animals on holiday these days. Whilst it is great to have these furry members of your family with you, be sure to check in advance with your lodging destination to verify if domestic pets are allowed, and if they have accommodations for the animals whenever you visit attractions that do not allow them. 7. Don’t set yourself up to be a victim. Whenever you travel, you should try to not possess a lot of money with you at any point in time. Another person could notice it and think of you as a fairly easy victim. The very best kind of money for a holiday is traveler’s checks which can be swiftly cancelled if they happen to be taken. Furthermore do not carry all your charge cards at the same time. Doing this, were the worst to take place, you’d still posess access to some cash to take care of you and your family. Discover Where Is The Grand Canyon Located?

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Best Places To Travel During The Summer Months

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Best Places To Travel America has lots of amazing tourist destinations when the weather is warm. Summer time always brings out the best in cities around the country. In this article you’ll learn about the best areas to travel during the summer season. It’s a good thing to know where to travel during certain seasons. Miami Beach in Florida has some of the best climatic conditions throughout the summer time. Go walking through the sand, go shopping at the close by retail outlets, and revel in very good dining, all within walking distance from the hotel.

Miami Beach has a great deal of fun night activities for example drinking and dancing. Young couples that are looking to take their very first holiday with each other can certainly make this adventure a wonderful experience. Young families can have plenty of pleasure by going to the local visitors attractions, spending a complete day at the beach, and consuming fantastic food throughout the city.

Pismo Beach is known as a wonderful destination on the west coastline of California. This beachfront is a few hours north of LA. Many men and women ignore this beach but it really is a fantastic spot to spend the saturday and sunday along with your loved ones. Within a reasonable distance you’ll discover hassle-free hiking, camping, shopping, and eating out. Take a look at a part of California that is certainly often neglected as a result of The two largest cities Los Angeles and San Francisco.

New York is usually a much better destination once the weather is warm. Through the entire winter time it can be extremely tough to cope with New York. At some time in your life you will want to be in New York Time Square during New Year’s Eve, but until then check out this city during summer. Take a tour of central park, go to the Empire State Building, and make sure you see the Statue of Liberty. New York has an almost endless amount of new things you can do. On every visit get New York styled pizza. A trip to New York is not complete if there is no authentic pizza involved.

Chicago is not as windy during the summer. The Windy city has the harshest winds towards the end of fall, during winter, and in the beginning weeks of spring. Once summer rolls around it is not that windy in Chicago. You can take a tour of the city and visit Millennium Park, Museum Campus, Paseo Boricua, and Humboldt Park.

Attempt to road trip one year during the summer months. You will discover a road trip around the United States one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Try to visit as many states and cities as possible. Everyone has his or her own taste on which cities are the best. By taking a tour around the nation you can figure out which state you like the most. After you have your list of top places to travel then you will know locations across the US to visit. Make an effort to broaden your traveling to international waters once you have investigated the USA.

Best Places To Travel During The Summer Months

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What Are The Best Beaches In Thailand

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Best Beaches In ThailandThailand offers many of the most amazing beaches on the planet. For those that have traveled there they know that the beauty of this particular unblemished location makes for some of the greatest holidays on the planet. This is in conjunction with the large amount of historic traditions that abounds the country and there is never ever a shortage of things you can do within this nation. Due to the fact a lot of this area is unblemished by development you will discover that relaxation and tranquil living is more than achievable. The reaches of the developers have never got this far which ensures that you will definitely get the very best within the holiday industry, particularly when it comes to the Thailand beach locations.

Best Beaches In Thailand

Khao Lak is an excellent Thailand beach. Only a short drive from the airport terminal, this particular haven provides a remote holiday location like none other. Due to the region staying mostly uninhabited, there exists a rich virgin forest close by and also a whole variety of wild animals to be seen. The water keeps warm in the November to December months plus the sport fishing and diving is out of this universe.

Phuket Thailand Beach is also a great place. Enjoy this vacation resort from November to March. There is certainly ample to do. This can be a little more congested than other beaches as this area thrives on the tourism dollars that it brings in. The scuba diving is top notch in this area and you will also find some of the warmest most clear water in the world. There are several nearby attractions to keep one busy for quite a few days.

Phi Don Thailand beach is quite the turn around. Once a remote and nearly unknown place, this Thailand beach came to life when Hollywood came in and filmed a movie there. It is now considered to be one of the most popular beaches in the entire country and is frequented by many big names. This is a site that you will not want to miss, as the views are breathtaking and the water warm and inviting.

West Raily Thailand beach is one of several undiscovered locations. There is certainly little which is pricey and one could remain in the resort for more than a week and scarcely touch the spending budget. The sands are white and the water aqua clear. Diving is extremely popular here along with the sport fishing. This particular area is only reachable by long tail boat, therefore plan for a long trip.

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