Obligatory One Year Anniversary Blog Post: About Life, Travel and Blogging

Travel Armadillo is one year old! Let’s celebrate with a sandwich (because that’s how we do things on this blog.) It’s been quiet around here lately, very, very quiet. Careful, don’t step on that tumbleweed! Maybe I should start with what I’ve been up to lately… Since my last post, I have left Toronto, after […]

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Quirky Toronto: Shit Just Got Weird

If living in Toronto has thought me anything, it’s that I shouldn’t judge a place solely on preconceptions. I try not to hold much bias when I visit a new place, but I think we all have some expectations before we travel and I expected Toronto to be, well, not as “out-there” as it can […]

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My Favourite Pieces of Toronto Architecture

Unlike street art, which is very much a perishable form of art (unless it’s a Bansky behind a pane of plexiglass, of course), architecture tends to stick around a lot longer. Well, at least you’d hope it would. I don’t hold enough appreciation for good architecture as I should, I definitely don’t stop to take […]

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Capture the Colour!

Last year I was itching to enter this contest that is now back for it’s second year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t as I didn’t have a travel blog back then, but when I realised that TravelSupermarket.com were running the competition again this year I was super excited! I love anything colourful and vibrant. I’m drawn to colour, […]

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What Do You Do When You’re Not Happy in the Place You’re In?

The obvious answer would be that you move, right? Well, there are always other options, but for me, when I’m not happy where I am, I move. Some of you may call that running away and you’d be right, I have no other excuse really do I? In just under 5 weeks I will be […]

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I Quit Smoking and It Made Me a Better Traveller

I walk along the narrow alley way, a shortcut between where I’m currently living and the nearest Tim Hortons. I see a middle aged man walking towards me. I don’t notice it by sight, but he’s holding something, something I only notice by smell. The familiar pungent scent delicately meets my nostrils. Once I get a […]

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Falling for Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market

One of the reasons I chose Toronto as the place to start my two year working holiday in Canada, was because there is so much to see and do here. So far, I’ve been over to Toronto Island, around the ROM, up the CN Tower and down “Graffiti Alley” – and I still have so […]

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Segway Tour of the Distillery District in Toronto

I don’t have a definitive bucket list. Maybe I will make one day, but the fact that I like to change my mind more times than  Lady Gaga changes costumes, well, that would make a definitive list defunct really. But, there are some things I know I would definitely like to do; like travel through […]

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Thoughts on My First Tbex

I’ve already given away that I enjoyed it, right? You know, since the title says “my first Tbex” and not “my first and only ever Tbex…” For those of you wondering what a Tbex is, it’s a conference for travel bloggers…and that’s it. That’s right, there are that many travel blogs out there that they […]

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Graffiti Alley Toronto

Since moving to Toronto I have become obsessed with street art. This, I did not expect. Why didn’t I expect become obsessed with street art in Toronto? Well, that’s a very good question. I suppose, it’s because of the typical Canadian stereotype which suggest that all Canadians are rule followers and polite; too polite to […]

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